One for Miles, One for Maynard
  • One for Miles, One for Maynard
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One for Miles, One for Maynard includes an intriguing version of Ferguson’s “Chala Nata,” a spacey raga-meets-big band concoction from his 1970 release, M.F. Horn. In lieu of sitar, Watkins has Craig (Izzy) Arlet play lap steel guitar. With its soulful blasts (dig Parker’s exotic soprano), scratch effects, samples, and funky groove—and minus the original bridge—the tune undergoes one of the happiest transformations of recent times.

In contrast, the “one” for Miles Davis, “Shh,” from In a Silent Way, is a moody, seductive piece that seems to float into your consciousness while grabbing you with its Eddie Harris–Les McCann groove.

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